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Debate Propositions & Examples

All foods are definitionally health-promoting.
Humans are naturally obligate omnivores.
The optimal human diet is likely heavily artificial.

Nutrition Science

Non-hydrogenated vegetable oils are overwhelmingly healthy.

(Brad CohnPedro • BasedBee)

Saturated fat is overwhelmingly unhealthy, with few exceptions.​

(Brian Sanders • Robbie Puddick)

Dietary cholesterol increases heart disease risk via LDL.
Chocolate, despite its saturated fat, is generally healthy.​

Non-churned, non-homogenized dairy is generally healthy.
Fish, particularly fatty fish, is overwhelmingly healthy.

Red meat and processed meat are overwhelmingly unhealthy.

Preformed DHA seems prudent, but not required, for vegans.
Soy products are overwhelmingly healthy, with few exceptions.

Fructose doesn't uniquely cause fatty liver disease.

Carbs do not uniquely cause fat accumulation or obesity.

Excess sodium intake increases cardiovascular disease risk.
Whole plant foods are overwhelmingly healthy.
Fibre, whether whole or refined, is overwhelmingly healthy.
TMAO is unlikely to be causative of heart disease.
The omega-6/omega-3 ratio is unlikely to matter for health.

Epidemiology generally provides good causal estimates.

(notRick • Highlander • Marek Doyle)

Dietary Patterns

Keto currently has limited unique clinical utility beyond epilepsy.
There is little to no robust evidence that supports any raw diet.
Vegan, pescatarian, and vegetarian diets are all similarly healthy.
Plant-based diets do not appear to clinically reverse heart disease.
Ancestral diets are likely to be suboptimal for long term health.

(Chris MasterjohnBrian Sanders • Isaiah • AlphaMalesExist • Olicsa • Carnivore Camaraderie • Captain Ammo)


The rejection of veganism entails either absurdity or incoherence.

(DavisBrian Sanders • Firestarter)

As the object of moral value, sentience entails the least hilarity.


Hunting odd-order predators is conditionally compatible with veganism.
Farming and eating bivalves is compatible with veganism.

(Benny Malone)
Eating accidental roadkill is conditionally compatible with veganism.
Eating discarded animal foods is conditionally compatible with veganism.
Eating eggs is conditionally compatible with veganism.
Cultured animal tissue is compatible with veganism.
Crop-deaths are conditionally compatible with veganism.



ApoB-containing lipoproteins dose-dependently cause atherosclerosis.

(Sameer Dossani)

Regenerative animal agriculture is basically pseudoscience.

(Brian Sanders)

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