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Podcast Interviews

Sigma Nutrition Radio, Episode 360

  • Best and worse ways to calculate the nutrient density of a diet.

  • Nutrient density per calorie vs. per weight vs. per serving.

  • The diminishing returns of aiming to maximize nutrient density.

  • Anti-nutrients: how relevant are they?

  • Understanding the effect of phytate, oxalate, etc.

  • Hard to get nutrients in typical diets.

  • Synergistic and moderating effects of different nutrients.

  • Non-essential nutrients & importance for health.

Mark Bell's Power Project, Episode 670

  • Quick background on seed oils

  • How does red meat increase disease risk?

  • Exact health benefits of vegetable oils.

  • Tucker Goodrich & Alan Flanagan debate review.

  • Should you remove seed oils all together at once?

  • Maybe vegetable oils aren’t that important?

The Ian Cramer Podcast, Episode 92

  • The healthfulness of different fats

  • Do oils cause cardiovascular disease?

  • The pathophysiology of atherosclerosis.

  • Nutrient density of different foods.

  • Why we shouldn't listen to low carb quacks.

  • The ethical case for bivalve consumption.

Foolproof Mastery, Episode 14

  • Vegetable oils & health outcomes.

  • Lipid peroxidation.

  • Lag time to LDL oxidation.

  • Statistical analysis.

  • Study design.

Foolproof Mastery, Episode 15

  • Meat eating in Hong Kong.

  • Different eating patterns.

  • Glycine methionine ratio.

  • Oysters as a vegan food.

  • Nick's supplements.

Ketogeek's Podcast, Episode 78

  • How did you start getting into the seed oil debate?

  • What are some common claims made against seed oils?

  • Does PUFA cause heart disease, cancer, fatty liver, or hormonal imbalances?

  • Critique of the ancestral approach towards food and nutrition.

  • Why and when epidemiology can be good evidence.

  • Resources people can read regarding PUFA and health.

Legendary Life Podcast, Episode 391

  • The importance of identifying quality & evidence-based information.

  • Salt doesn’t cost high blood pressure?

  • Foods that are high in potassium.

  • Why eating processed foods might make you fat.

  • Western Diet Culture Mentality.

  • Are there good foods and bad foods.

  • Nutrient Density: Guide and Tools.

Muscle Memoirs Podcast, Episode 82

  • Mechanistic arguments against seed oils.

  • Linoleic acid consumption and heart disease.

  • Are hunter-gatherer diets optimal for modern humans?

  • Saturated fat and blood lipids.

  • Meta-analysis in nutrition.

Muscle Memoirs Podcast, Episode 11

  • The story behind the Nutri-Dex.

  • Misconceptions about nutrient density.

  • Using the cheat sheet to optimize body composition.

  • Top foods that are beneficial for bodybuilding.

  • How are the most satiating foods determined?

  • Nick gives some of his tops foods.

Fit and Furious Podcast, Episode 51

  • The story behind the Nutri-Dex.

  • Seed oil consumption and health.

  • Natural diets versus artificial diets.

  • Ethical veganism and Nick's diet.

Strenuous Life Podcast, Episode 244

  • The nutrient density of different foods

  • The ten all time greatest, most nutrient dense foods.

  • The ketogenic diet.

  • Fats vs carbs vs proteins.

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